Sports-Lite LED Sports Lighting Training Kits

Ritelite’s SPORTS–LITE training kits offer clubs a fast, affordable solution for winter training. Silent operation, no trailing cables, battery powered. Lights can be set up anywhere, on all types of pitches, quickly and easily.



SPORTS-LITE Training Kit – Setup

The Sports-LITE is quick and easy to set up and pack away by one person on any pitch or court. The kits are compact to store and transport in easy to carry weatherproof bags provided as part of the kit. Rechargeable batteries fit inside the light heads and can be easily removed to charge or swop to extend training sessions. The stable, soft descent anti-trap tripods are designed to easily be extended to 3M and safe to take down. Set up time under 2 minutes per light.

SPORTS-LITE Portable Training Light

SPORTS-LITE Training Kit for Football

The SPORTS-LITE is the perfect training light for football training. The lights can be set up on any size pitch quickly and easily. There are no trailing cables, and with inbuilt rechargeable batteries no external power required from generators or mains power sources. The lights are easy to transport and store and multiple kit options are available for all training requirements. The unique lensing of the SPORTS-LITE is optimised to maximise light spread with low glare to affect the players.

SPORTS-LITE Training Kit for Bowls

SPORTS-LITE Training Kit for Rugby

SPORTS-LITE Training Kit for Cricket

Ritelite’s SPORTS–LITE training kits are a great solution for lighting cricket nets to extend training through the Autumn and Winter evenings. The unique lensing of the SPORTS-LITE is optimised for the playing surface giving almost zero glare to the batsman. We recommend 8 SPORTS-LITE units as sufficient lighting for twin nets and would recommend using a pink ball as per ECB guidelines.

SPORTS-LITE Training Kit for Tennis

Ritelite’s SPORTS–LITE training kits provide a fantastic solution to extend outdoor Tennis training during Winter months. The Lights are quick to set up, have no trailing cables and are battery powered so silent to operate. The SPORTS-LITE’s can be set up anywhere, on all types of courts and are designed using advanced optical lens design to optimise all available light, maximising the useable light on the court whilst creating very low glare that could affect the players.

SPORTS-LITE Training Kit for Netball

Ritelite’s Sports-LITE Training Kits enable winter training on any Netball court. Fast and easy to set up and compact to store and transport, the Sports-LITE is the ideal solution for temporary lighting for Netball. The lights are designed with optimal lensing to direct all light onto the court with very little light spill to surrounding areas. Ritelite Fence Adaptors are also available to enable Sports-LITE’s to be fitted to any fence removing the requirement for tripods on courts with limited run off areas.

SPORTS-LITE Training Kit for Multi-Use Games Areas

The Ritelite Sports-LITE enables any sport to be played on darker nights throughout the winter on Multi-Use Games Areas. Suitable for any MUGA area or court the Sports-LITE evenly illuminates a wide area, is quick to set up and pack away and compact to store and transport. Ritelite Fence Adaptors can be fitted to any fence to remove the need for tripods. The Sports-LITE has no trailing cables and is powered by rechargeable Lithium batteries that will last for up to 2 hours 20 minutes on one charge. Additional batteries can be supplied to extend training times.

Product Description / Technical Information

Using advanced optical lens design the Sports-LITE optimises all available light to maximise the useable light on the playing surface. This also gives the benefit of very low light spill (light pollution) and gives the best performing product on the market.

  • Lithium battery pack – no cables
  • Lightweight and compact to store
  • Optimised optical lensing for sports
  • Safe, soft descent, anti-trap tripod
  • 2 hours 20 minutes duration. Additional batteries available to increase training time to 4 hours 40 minutes.
  • Silent Operation
  • No mains or generator required

Key Features of the Sports-Lite Training Kit

Unique lensing optimised for 60m x 40m sports playing surface Stable to 25mph winds. No extra tie downs required
Sports-Lite Easy setup Quick & simple deployment by one person in under 1 minute per light Safe silent operation. No trip hazards. No trap hazards. No noise. No maintenance
Compact to store Compact to store and transport. Only 9.6kg per kit. Easy to fit a full set in a car boot Sports-Lite Kit Multiple kit options for all budgets and training requirements

The Sports-Lite Training Kit is the perfect training solution for a number of sports



Sports-Lite Cricket Sports-Lite Cricket Sports-Lite Cricket


Sports-Lite Football


Sports-Lite Rugby Sports-Lite Rugby Sports-Lite Rugby



RC Car Racing

Sports-Lite RC Car Racing Sports-Lite RC Car Racing Sports-Lite RC Car Racing

Sports-Lite Training Kit Options

Sports-LITE training kits are available in multiples of 2. Common kit sizes are;

Sports-Lite 4 kit Sports-Lite 6 kit Sports-Lite 8 kit




All kits include

Light heads, 3m tripods, in-built lithium battery packs with chargers, weather-proof carry bags.



Unique Lensing Optimised for a 60m x 40m Sports Playing Surface

Sports-Lite Relux 1 Sports-Lite Relux 2 Sports-Lite Relux 3

Data based on pitch setup with 8 x LED Sports-Lite light heads and tripods

Technical Specifications of the Sports-Lite Training Kit



Product Code Description
LSPL/BATT200 Sports-Lite lithium battery (2.5 hours) Sports-Lite lithium battery
LSPL/CHARGER Sports-Lite lithium battery charger Sports-Lite battery charger
LSPL/4WAYCHARGER150 Sports-Lite 4-way battery charger
LSPL/5WAYCHARGER Sports-Lite 5-way battery charger
LSPL/6WAYCHARGER150 Sports-Lite 6-way battery charger
LSPL/TRIPOD Sports-Lite tripod Sports-Lite tripod stowed
LSPL/STABILITYKIT Sports-Lite stability kit (per tripod) Sports-Lite Ballast Bags
LSPL/FENCEADAPTOR A height adjustable mast which can be permanently fixed to sports fencing poles
LSPL/HEADBAG Sports-Lite head storage bag (holds 2 light heads)
LSPL/TRIPODBAG Sports-Lite tripod storage bag (holds 2 tripods)

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