Quality Policy Statement

It is our company policy to provide our customers with high standards of quality and service at the best value.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the reassurance that everything we promise to do will be done accurately and efficiently and will fully meet regulatory requirements.

In meeting this aim we have developed a system of quality practices which all employees of the company will maintain and improve to enhance our performance.

We believe it is our duty to communicate and understand our customers’ requirements and to advise them if necessary upon the most reasonable cost effective way to carry out any works or equipment supply we undertake for them.

Our performance as a company depends upon high customer service standards and will be measured and analysed in conjunction with customer feedback. Action will be taken continually to improve the performance of the company through setting and reviewing objectives.

We recognise that to achieve our goal to be a leading company in our field we need to meet the Quality Management System Standard specified by BS EN ISO 9001:2015. The company’s Business Management System defines our quality objectives and key procedures and to ensure the company maintains its awareness for continuous improvement, the quality system is regularly reviewed and is subject to annual audit.

The requirements of the company’s quality system are mandatory and all company personnel have a responsibility and obligation to it.

Marcus Batty
Managing Director

Date: 12/06/2023

Quality Policy Statement: V13 12/06/2023