Cobra Rodding Spares, Repair Kits & Accessories

Ritelite offer a range of repair kits and individual spares for your cobra rodding systems, covering rod diameters from 4.5mm up to 14mm.

There are kits available for cobra rodding that has snapped at the end and for cases where the rod has snapped, split or kinked in the middle of your reel. We offer a comprehensive range of individual spares which includes a good selection of rod end fittings, repair splices, sonde adaptors, guide tips and the epoxy glue.

Replacement frames are available to purchase in all sizes (Midco, Medco, Maxco and Maxco high capacity) and spares for the frames themselves including replacement wheels, brake handle and rod guiding eyes. Replacement rod is available at any length and diameter.

Cobra Spares & Repairs

Spare Rods for Ritelite Cobra Rodding Systems

Cobra Rodding spare rod kits to replace rod on Ritelite Cobra Rodding Systems

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Cobra Rodding Repair Kits

Cobra Rodding repair Kits that are used to mend any size cobra if rod damaged mid reel

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Cobra Rodding Spares Kits

Cobra Rodding spares kits to repair any cobra that has lost an end fitting or guide tip

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Battery-Operated Sonde Transmitters

Sonde transmitters suitable for all Ritelite cobra rodding systems.

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Sonde Adaptors

Sonde adaptors to enable Sonde transmitters to be fitted to any Ritelite cobra rodding system

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End Fittings for Ritelite Cobra Rodding Systems

End fittings for Ritelite Cobra Rodding systems

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End Fitting Attchments for Ritelite Cobra Rodding Systems

End fitting attachments for any Ritelite Cobra rodding system

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Repair Splices for Ritelite Cobra Rodding Systems

Repair splices to mend any Ritelite cobra rodding system if damaged mid reel

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Additional Adaptors for Cobra Rodding Systems

A variety of other adaptors for Ritelite Cobra rodding systems

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Cobra Frames & Frame Spares

A full range of replacement frames and frame spares for all Ritelite cobra rodding systems

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Why choose Ritelite?

High Quality, Strong construction

Durable and Robust, Ritelite Cobra Duct Rodding systems are built to last for many years virtually maintenance free.

Spares and Repairs Kits available

To extend the life of a cobra duct rodding system a full range of Spares and Repair kits are available for customers to fit themselves.

Next Day Nationwide Delivery

Ritelite works closely with all major UK transport networks to ensure the best possible delivery service for our customers.

Spares and Repairs Available

Trailer and Winch spares can be purchased. An on-site Repair service is also available

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