Mobile & Portable Sports Lighting Solutions

Ritelite’s mobile & portable sports lighting solutions are designed to focus high power LED light onto the playing surface with superb uniformity and very low light pollution to the surrounding area. Quick and easy to set up, compact to store and transport, and safe to use, Ritelite’s sports lighting products enable clubs and organisations to keep playing sport into the darker winter evenings on any size and type of pitch or court. With battery power solutions for a silent, cable free setup Ritelite’s Quad Pod K65 mobile lighting towers and portable Sports-LITE training kits don’t require planning permission and can be used for virtually any sport training sessions.

Key Products

Quad Pod - Sports

Quad Pod K65 Sports Beam Control Mobile Lighting Towers

A highly efficient area floodlighting solution for sports with optimised illumination & uniformity with minimised light pollution and glare.

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Sports-Lite LED Sports Lighting Training Kits

A fast, affordable solution for winter training. Silent operation, no trailing cables, battery powered. Set up anywhere on all pitches

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