Portable Rechargeable Lighting

Ritelite’s range of portable, rechargeable lighting are designed and manufactured in the UK. All Ritelite products are designed on our philosophy to provide the highest level of “useable light” to the widest range of work task situations. The portable lighting range is flexible, reliable and virtually maintenance free. The products are designed to be suitable for a wide range of applications where portable rechargeable lighting is required and include handheld LED work lights and Torches, Portable Area Floodlights and Sports-LITE’s and Linear Floodlights for track and perimeter lighting.

Key Products

K8 LED Portable Worklight

Ritelite’s K8 LED Portable Torch and Work light has an output of up to 5,500 lumens. Designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations.

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K9 30 LED Portable Rechargeable Worklight

A robust, reliable, rechargeable LED worklight for any application. Directional area floodlight, worklight & torch in one product

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K10 360 LED Multi-function Lighting System

Designed to illuminate all remote works tasks in one easy to carry unit. 180 to 360 degree area illumination. In-built spot & flood focusing

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K45 Lite & Ultra-Lite Portable Area Floodlight

Directional or 360 Degree Area floodlight in one. Lightweight & Ultra High Power. Easily transportable. Multi-tripod compatible

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Why choose Ritelite?

Flexible Lighting solutions

All Ritelite lighting products are designed to be used in a wide range of applications to provide the highest level of “usable light” wherever it is needed.

Robust Construction

Ritelite’s LED Lighting products are built to last and designed to cope with the rigours of the harsh working environments they are used in.

Lithium Technology

Through the use of Lithium batteries Ritelite is able to offer customers lighter products with longer battery duration to extend time of use before charging.

Vehicle Charging

All Portable worklights can be supplied with vehicle chargers allowing customers to charge their light from any vehicle in between uses increasing the flexibility of the products.

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