BLL Overhead Line Covered Conductor

Ritelite is the UK distributor of BLL covered conductor. Manufactured by Amokabel in Sweden, Ritelite has been supplying BLL to UK DNO’s for over 15 years. Manufactured to BS EN 50397-1, BLL conductor is a unique uncompacted covered conductor designed to operate without problems with vibration, tracking or slipping of covering.


Product Description / Technical Information

BLL conductor uses a triple extruded polyethylene covering consisting of a semi conducting layer, a clear insulating layer and a coloured UV stable layer. It is designed with integrated longitudinal water tightness through the addition of a polyethylene filler between the strands during production which ensures that the covering does not slip during use and no grease is required during the production of this conductor.


BLL conductor can be produced as standard in sizes from 50mm to 241mm. Standard specifications are as below Conductor, AAAC Extruded longitudinal water blocking layer Extruded, inner semiconductive layer Insulation of PE Outer layer of UV-resistant HDPE          
Cross section 50 70 99 120 159 241 329 [mm²]
Lay up of conductor 7x3,08 7x3,57 7x4,25 19x2,84 19x3,26 19x4,02 37x3,37 [-]
Conductor diameter, bare conductor 9,24 10,71 12,75 14,2 16,3 20,1 23,59 [mm]
Inner semi conductive layer, thickness 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3 [mm]
Inner PE covering, thickness, 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 1,2 [mm]
Outer UV-resist. HDPE-covering, thickness, 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 1,1 [mm]
Diameter over covering, min - max 13,9-15,3 15,4-16,8 17,4-18,8 18,8-20,3 20,9-22,4 24,7-26,2 28,1-29,7 [mm]
Weight, 247 313 417 506 635 920 1244 [kg/km]
Rated operating voltage 20(24) 20(24) 20(24) 20(24) 20(24) 20(24) 20(24) [kV]
DC-resistance at 20°C, maximum 0,600 0,445 0,318 0,259 0,2000 0,1265 0,099 [ohm/km]
Resistance temp. coefficient 0,004 0,004 0,004 0,004 0,004 0,004 0,004 [/°C]
Lightening impulse withstand strength of HDPE layer 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 [kV]
Operating temperature, maximum 70 70 70 80 70 70 70 [°C]
Max load(IEC 61597), cond.temp 70 °C, air temp. 20°C, wind speed 0,5 m/s, approximate value 232 280 350 394 473 619 778 [A]
Max short circuit current, 1 sec. 50-200°C 5,1 6,8 9,6 11,7 15,5 23,4 32,0 [kA]
Tensile strength of conductor, minimum 14,3 18,6 25,3 34,9 43,6 61,5 90,8 [kN]
Aluminium alloy AL7 AL7 AL7 AL7 AL7 AL7 AL7 [-]

Maximum Drum Dimensions

50mm BLL Maximum Length Drum Size Weight
6000m/drumtd> 2m x 1.18m 1720kg
157mm BLL Maximum Length Drum Size Weight
2800m/drumtd> 2m x 1.18m 1964kg


BLL conductor has been tested to be compatible with a number of fitting solutions including compression fittings, preform ties and wedge taps. BLL has also a specifically designed cumalong clamp for ease of installation.

Features and Benefits of using BLL

Non compacted construction No problems with vibration
Inner & Outer cores bonded to give no slippage of outer covering Conductor will break before any slippage occurs. Allows full tensions to be applied via covering.
Meets EN standard 50397 Compatible for use with all accessories and fittings made to standard.
Covered conductor
  • Prevention of harm to animals and humans who come into contact with conductor
  • Prevention of short circuits when line effected by wind, trees falling on line, birds flying into line.
  • Less attractive to line sabotagers
100% recyclable Meets latest European policy requirements.
Conductor covering contains additives against voltage break down Track resistant.

Conductor Stringing Equipment Available for Hire

Ritelite is able to hire a range of equipment to assist with the stringing of BLL conductor including:
  • Overhead Line Equipment
  • Transporter Drum Stands
  • Cable Drum Trailers


Ritelite are happy to help customers with any training requirements they have before installing BLL covered conductors. Training can be carried out on site or at Ritelite's main office location. To find out more about BLL Covered Conductor or get a quotation for your project please contact the sales office on 01780 765600 or email

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