20m – 150m lengths

with either 4.5mm or 6mm diameter traceable rod

Dimensions: 430mm (w) x 490mm (h) x 230mm (d)


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The Flexitrace system gives a compact and labour saving solution when locating non-metallic ducts and drains. This provides the benefits of a sonde and a continuous trace system in one compact unit. An improved coil size of 8.3mm diameter allows far better flexibility when rodding through small diameter ducts, 1/2 inch (12.7mm) water and gas pipes, including the joints and bends on those pipes down to a bend radius of approximately 250mm.

There are two main methods to use the Flexitrace:

    To locate the sonde within a non-metalic duct or drain, you need to energise the end coil, to activate the sonde. This is done by connecting both of the Flexitrace’s terminals to the generator. This will allow you to determine the end point and the depth of your duct or drain.
    To locate the direction of the non-metalic duct or drain, attach a signal generator to one of the terminals of the Flexitrace and an earth stake (or other independant earth). The Flexitrace can be pushed the length of the duct or drain and then traced along it’s complete length with a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT Receiver).

The compact size of the end coil (8.3mm diameter) and the flexibility of the 4.5mm rod make the Flexitrace particularly suitable for locating narrow ducts.

Suitable for use with most C.A.T and signal generator systems.


Flexitrace in sonde mode. Connect both terminals to the signal generator.


Tracing non-metalic ducts or drains in line mode. The whole of the trace system is energised. Connect one terminal to the signal generator and the other to the earth rod (or other independent earth).


Highest quality 4.5mm or 6mm reinforced fibreglass rod complete with three 0.5mm copper trace wires.
UV inhibited coating.
4.5mm fitted with tuned coil in robust nylon housing at 8.3mm diameter.
6mm fitted with tuned coil in robust nylon housing at 10.3mm diameter.


Rugged steel construction with weatherproof powder coat finish.
Incorporating compact junction box fitted with quality screw lugs suitable for attaching feeds from a signal generator by fork terminals or crocodile clips.


Frame 490mm high x 430mm long x 230mm wide.

Below is a sample of typical Flexitrace Duct Tracing System lengths.

4.5mm Rod

Product Code Diameter Length
MIDCO20TC4.5 4.5mm 20m
MIDCO30TC4.5 4.5mm 30m
MIDCO40TC4.5 4.5mm 40m
MIDCO50TC4.5 4.5mm 50m
MIDCO60TC4.5 4.5mm 60m
MIDCO80TC4.5 4.5mm 80m
MIDCO100TC4.5 4.5mm 100m

6mm Rod

Product Code Diameter Length
MIDCO50TC6.7 6mm 50m
MIDCO60TC6.7 6mm 60m
MIDCO80TC6.7 6mm 80m
MIDCO100TC6.7 6mm 100m
MIDCO120TC6.7 6mm 120m
MIDCO150TC6.7 6mm 150m

Additional information

Diameter (mm)

4.5, 6

Length (m)

20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150

Accessories / Spares

ImageProduct CodeNameQuote
Flexitrace Duct 4.5mm Spare Rod


Flexitrace Duct 6mm Spare Rod


Flexitrace Duct Tracing System Datasheet

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Flexitrace Brochure

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