Site Lighting

Ritelite can offer customers a wide range of site lighting products and accessories for use on construction sites, the rail network and any industrial application where lighting is required. Many products are 110v and 240v input for increased flexibility and are designed to be robust, reliable and suited to the environments they are used in.

Why choose Ritelite?

In-House Technical Expertise

Our in-house technical team’s in-depth knowledge of LED technology enables us to continue to be a global market leader for professional and industrial lighting products.

Flexible Lighting solutions

All Ritelite lighting products are designed to be used in a wide range of applications to provide the highest level of “usable light” wherever it is needed.

Full range of accessories available

Ritelite’s site lighting is available with a range of accessories including tripods, extension leads, masts, ballast bases.

Robust Construction

Ritelite’s LED Lighting products are built to last and designed to cope with the rigours of the harsh working environments they are used in.


Ritelite’s range of LED floodlights provide solutions for all floodlighting requirements. Robust and designed for site use Ritelite’s floodlights are reliable and cost effective and emit high lumens in two different colour temperatures.

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Lightbulbs and Accessories

A full range of retrofittable Lamps and Accessories are available for site lighting applications including Metal Halide lamps, Heater Lamps and LED retrofittable 110-240V bulbs. With over 30 years of supplying lightbulbs Ritelite offers reliable quality at competitive prices.

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K45 Mobile Lighting Tower

The K45 360 LED mobile lighting tower is the ideal lighting solution for all temporary lighting applications. It has a unique triple head design enabling the product to work both as a directional light or a 360 degree area floodlight up to 4.5M high. Suitable for use in industrial or sports applications for indoor or outdoor use, the K45 can be both mains or generator powered, is simple and safe to operate and both flexible and robust to cope with many different types of terrain and application.

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Quad Pod K50 & K65 Mobile Lighting Towers

The Quad pod is a unique mobile lighting solution for construction, industrial and sports applications. Designed for use as a true alternative to towed lighting towers yet quick to and simple to deploy, the Quad pod K50 & K65 lighting towers are compact to store and transport and are easy to manoeuvre across many terrains. The High power LED Light heads give instant, flicker free, illumination to a vast area and can be configured to give either 180 degree or 360 degree light powered by either generator or mains power.

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LED Upgrade Kits for Lighting Towers

Upgrade your Mobile Lighting Fleet and swap Metal Halide Light heads for Ritelite's high power 200W or 240W LED Light heads on a one for one basis in only 90 minutes for a 4 head Lighting Tower. Available as single lights or a kit of 4 pieces. Instant start and maintenance free.

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The Ritelite LED loading bay dock light offers users a high quality, highly durable LED alternative to previous halogen models with increased lumen output, increased robustness and a solution that is virtually maintenance free. The unit features a rotating variable focusing system that can be adjusted between spot and flood beams for multiple applications, the spot beam enables light to reach further inside container / warehouse area and the light can be focused to ensure minimum glare to workers.

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