Ritelite’s range of products for construction and industrial applications encompasses portable and mobile LED floodlights and work lights, battery-powered generators, general tools, and site equipment – all designed to meet the diverse needs of these industries. We take pride in providing specialised tools for specific applications, ensuring comprehensive support for various projects.

The Ritelite lighting ranges include large area floodlights, portable area floodlights, rechargeable work lights and other site lights. All Ritelite lights can be supplied with a battery-powered, zero emission, zero noise power source either via an in-built battery pack or from a RITE-POWER battery-powered generator.

The use of battery power for lighting and other tool power requirements offers a clean and quiet alternative to traditional fuel sources. This not only enhances the safety of construction sites but also allows for easy mobility across the site without the constraints of power outlets.

Recognizing the significance of reliable tools in the construction industry, Ritelite offers a range of both general and specialised tools for many different tasks. These tools are designed to support engineers working on construction sites, facilitating maintenance and repair of plant equipment, and addressing the broader requirements of site operations.

Key Products

Quad Pod - Sports

Quad Pod K65 Sports Beam Control Mobile Lighting Towers

A highly efficient area floodlighting solution for sports with optimised illumination & uniformity with minimised light pollution and glare.

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K21 Gantry Light

K21 Gantry Light

The K21 is a high-power LED flood head for controlled directional light with minimal light spill. It is multi-tripod compatible and linkable.

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Rite-Power 7700 portable battery powered generator

RITE-POWER 7700 Portable Battery Powered Generator

Emission free battery powered generator with a capacity of 7700 watt/hours.

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K9 30 LED Portable Rechargeable Worklight

A robust, reliable, rechargeable LED worklight for any application. Directional area floodlight, worklight & torch in one product

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Quad Pod MK5 Industrial

Quad Pod K65 Industry Beam Control Mobile Lighting Towers

A unique mobile 6.5M lighting solution for construction & industrial area lighting applications. A true alternative to towed lighting towers.

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