Since its establishment in 1988, Ritelite has been at the forefront of providing specialised equipment and materials tailored to the unique needs of the electricity and power industry’s. With a commitment to excellence, Ritelite has become a trusted partner for engineers and companies operating in this dynamic sector.

At Ritelite, we offer an extensive range of equipment designed to meet the demanding requirements of both power line construction and live line maintenance activities. Our innovative tools and equipment empower engineers to execute tasks with ease and efficiency. From essential earthing rods and poles to cutting-edge lifting and tensioning solutions, Ritelite ensures that professionals have access to the best-in-class tools for their critical operations. In addition to our comprehensive line of tools, Ritelite also manufactures a wide range of portable and mobile LED lighting products. These solutions serve a myriad of purposes in the utilities and power industries, including fault finding searchlights, area floodlights, and general work lights. Our battery-powered lighting products are specifically engineered for deployment in remote locations, providing reliable illumination where it is needed most.

One of key power products, BLL overhead line covered conductor, is a fantastic example of Ritelite’s dedication to product quality and durability. With a successful track record spanning over 18 years in the UK electricity network, the BLL conductor has demonstrated its resilience in diverse applications. From bird flight paths and coastal saltwater areas to high-wind locations and wooded areas prone to tree-related disruptions, BLL offers a fully insulated, low-fault covered conductor alternative to bare conductors. Available in a wide range of sizes and specifications, BLL is the ideal solution for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) seeking to replace bare conductors with a reliable and efficient alternative.

Key Products

Quad Pod - Sports

Quad Pod K65 Sports Beam Control Mobile Lighting Towers

A highly efficient area floodlighting solution for sports with optimised illumination & uniformity with minimised light pollution and glare.

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Telescopic Cable Raising Prop


The telescopic cable raising prop is an insulated telescopic rod which can extend up to 6.2 metres. A temporary support for aerial drop cables needing maintenance.

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Heavy duty aluminium sheerlegs for use when erecting wooden poles especially in remote areas. Portable & lightweight.

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Quad Pod MK5 Industrial

Quad Pod K65 Industry Beam Control Mobile Lighting Towers

A unique mobile 6.5M lighting solution for construction & industrial area lighting applications. A true alternative to towed lighting towers.

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RITE-POWER 10000 Battery Powered Generator

Emission free battery powered generator with a capacity of 7700 watt/hours.

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