Ritelite’s portable and mobile lighting ranges offer exceptional solutions for Rail lighting projects, catering to the unique demands of the Rail industry. All products can be battery powered either with in-built lithium batteries or powered by our RITE-POWER range of Battery Powered Generators generating huge savings in fuel costs and CO2 emissions whilst creating zero emission, zero carbon working environments for teams to work in efficiently.

Our beam-controlled LED lighting products are designed to direct all the light to the required surface rather than wasting it into the sky or causing light pollution. Engineered for maximum efficiency, our products optimise the available light for the task at hand with minimal power consumption ensuring maximum power duration. Ritelite has lighting solutions for large areas to replace any need for road towable products, tracks, tunnels and stanchions providing effective and efficient illumination for track and work areas.

In addition to our Ritelite manufactured lighting and power solutions Ritelite is a reliable supplier of specialist rail tools and earthing equipment. Our product ranges include T-COD track circuit operating devices, insulated tools and other specialised equipment crucial for safe and efficient operations on the rail network.

Key Products

PROLINK Beam Control

The PROLINK Beam Control is designed to work as a stand alone LED lighting solution or can be used as a linkable system. Battery and Generator power compatible the Prolink has many different accessories for a wide range of applications including rail track, Linear and walkway lighting.

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K21 Gantry Light

K21 Gantry Light

The K21 is a high-power LED flood head for controlled directional light with minimal light spill. It is multi-tripod compatible and linkable.

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Rite-Power 3850 portable battery powered generator

RITE-POWER 3850 Portable Battery Powered Generator

Emission free battery powered generator with a capacity of 3850 watt/hours.

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Bullhead for TCOD


A track circuit operating device which provides protection for people working upon railway lines by activating track circuits so they show as occupied simulating a train in a section.

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