Ritelite (Systems) Ltd is a global market leader for professional and industrial lighting products. With over 35 years of industry experience we focus on offering customers high quality, high lumen, lighting solutions for all applications. Our unique “beam-controlled” optically designed products focus all the light available onto the task area with very low wastage or light pollution into the surrounding area maximising available light and power efficiency. With battery powered solutions available for all products any site or area can be lit silently with a zero emission, low carbon footprint.

Key Products



Ritelite’s KFIRE-LITE is a high power LED rechargeable flood light unit ideal for fire and rescue services. Compact to store and easy to setup in under a minute

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K21 Gantry Light

K21 Gantry Light

The K21 is a high-power LED flood head for controlled directional light with minimal light spill. It is multi-tripod compatible and linkable.

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Sports-Lite LED Sports Lighting Training Kits

A fast, affordable solution for winter training. Silent operation, no trailing cables, battery powered. Set up anywhere on all pitches

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K45 Lite & Ultra-Lite Portable Area Floodlight

Directional or 360 Degree Area floodlight in one. Lightweight & Ultra High Power. Easily transportable. Multi-tripod compatible

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Lighting Tower LED Upgrades

LED Upgrade Kits for Lighting Towers

Upgrade Metal Halide Light heads to LED on a one for one basis. Huge energy savings. Increased light output. Instant start & maintenance free

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