K8 LED Portable Worklight

The K8 LED Portable Torch and Work light system has been designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations. It is light weight, yet can output up to 5,500 lumens of instant white LED light with in-built adjustable spot or flood beams for multiple applications. The K8 can be charged from mains power or from a vehicle, and can also be used as a work light.


K8 LED Portable Rechargeable Torch & Worklight

The K8 LED is a lightweight, compact torch perfect for inspection lighting that can also be used as a worklight. It has inbuilt beam angle adjustability to enable it to be easily switched between spot and flood beam angles depending on requirement. The K8 LED can be charged from either mains or vehicle power supplies enabling users to ensure it is always ready for use. The K8’s brightness can be controlled to maximise battery life or give increased lumen output for focused periods.

Product Description / Technical Information

A Versatile and Portable LED torch & Worklight system designed for inspection, patrol and emergency work situations.

The K8 LED Portable Worklight represents the latest technology in LED portable lighting and is designed to be virtually maintenance free and robust enough to deal with the rigours of a harsh working environment. It has been designed so that it can be run and charged at the same time if required.

The K8 LED Portable Worklight can be set up in two basic modes – torch mode and work light mode.

Torch mode: allows the user to carry the unit with the extension arm and head folded down and locked in position.

Work light mode: allows the user to site the unit in a suitable position on the ground or on a tripod/ higher surface where the arm can be unlatched and swung up and into position. The light head can then be turned in either direction and the angle can adjusted as required.

The K8 LED Portable Worklight has many features and benefits for those working on site after daylight hours.

  • Ultra bright 5500 lumens of instant flicker free white LED light
  • Colour temperature 6500 Kelvin
  • Can be fitted to tripod to increase height to 2.5m
  • Designed to last on a single charge around any shift length
  • 3 brightness levels to suit application and prolong battery life
  • Charges from any vehicle or mains via bespoke docking charge rack
  • IP66 waterproof suitable for most industrial applications
  • Comes with a DC charge rack as standard
  • Three battery options are available offering a choice of duration
  • 8 ultra bright LED’s
  • Fitted with a universal flexible arm
  • Features a rotating vari-focus system to allow a tightly focused spot beam or diffused floodlight
  • Ability to change between modes
  • Protection class: IP66

K8 LED Light Management

The unit features a rotating vari-focus system to allow a tightly focused spot beam or a diffused flood of light so any working environment can be catered for. Rotate the bezel on the front of the K8 clockwise to gradually diffuse the light and anti clockwise to increase the spot intensity. As the diffuser gradually passes over the LED’s you’ll notice the projected light pattern change and the intensity of the spot disappear but the intensity of the wide flood increase.

Technical Specifications

Brightness Levels/Duration (Subject to ambient temperatures) 

K8 Lithium L1 Duration 4 hrs 20 mins
Lumens: 5,500lm
Duration 6 hrs 30 mins, Lumens: 3,850lm Duration 14hrs, Lumens: 2,100lm Approx 45 mins 5 hrs 30 mins 2.7kg
K8 Lithium L2 Duration 7 hrs Lumens: 5,500lm Duration 11 hrs, Lumens: 3,850lm Duration 24hrs, Lumens: 2,100lm Approx 60 mins 9 hrs 3.25kg






Tripod Adaptor


Mains Adaptor


Magnetic Bracket


Docking Charge Rack

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