LB8MB Loading Bay Light

A rechargeable portable Dock Light ‘Torch’. LB8MB uses a Lithium Battery giving greater than 14hrs duration at 2100 lumens and 4.5hrs at 5500 lumens. Note a typical Halogen 50W Dock Light gives 800 lumens).


LB8MB LED Loading Bay Dock Light

Product Description / Technical Information

The LB8MB can be used whilst cradled in the wall mounted charging dock or operated from the on board battery.

LB8MB LED Loading Bay Dock Light Key Features

LB8MB Ultra Bright Light Source LB8MB Loading Bay Dock Light Ruggedised Unit LB8MB Loading Bay Light - Flexible LB8MB Loading Bay Light - Locking Lugs
Ultra Bright Light Source
Highly efficient 37W 5000lm LED Head
Ruggedised Polycarbonate Food Safe Construction
Shock & vibration resistant. IP54 unit
Maximum Flexibility & Positioning
Powerful magnet allows unit to easily take it’s own weight
Locking & Charging Lugs
Fitted to LB8MB to connect to mag mount or charging cradle

Unique Multi Focusing Light System – Flood & Spot Beam Adjustability

The Ritelite LB8MB LED Loading Bay Dock Light features a rotating variable focusing system that can be adjusted between spot and flood beams for multiple applications, the spot beam enables light to reach further inside container / warehouse area and the light can be focused to ensure minimum glare to workers.

LB8 Flood to Spot BlendFlood Beam

LB8MB Loading Bay Light - Flood Beam

Spot Beam

LB8MB Loading Bay Light - Spot Beam

Key Features

  • Portable light weight dock light torch
  • Universal flexible arm. The arm will rotate through 120 degrees from the horizontal. The head will rotate through 360 degrees and pivot through 180 degrees
  • High output LED’s – 5000 lumen output!
  • Spot to flood variable focusing system
  • Rapid recharging whenever placed in cradle. Recharge in 4 hours from fully flat. Typically chargingkeeps up with daily use.
  • Suitable for food grade applications – polycarbonate lens – No glass!
  • IP54 LED head – Dust tight and able to withstand water spray.
  • Suitable for input voltage of 110-240V AC
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • All components made from high quality materials to ensure maximum life in arduous conditions
Product Code Wattage Voltage Lumen Output Weight
LB8MB    37W 110V – 240V         5000 2.7 Kg


With head up: 20.5cm x 50cm x 12.5cm

With head down: 29cm x 17cm x 12.5cm

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