The NP400 is designed for cutting the hard insulation on BLL and BLX conductors. Approved by conductor manufacturers.

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Product code: NP-400 Category: Tags: bll stripping tool, blx stripping tool, insulation stripper, insulation stripping tool, np-400s, np400


The NP400 can peel insulation from a conductor with an OD of 10-32mm and a maximum insulation thickness of 3mm.

This tool will not work on semi-conductors since the cutting blade uses a scoop design to pull insulation away from the wire strands. it is most commonly used on jacketed aluminium and copper cables for both underground and overhead.

The NP400 can handle mid-span peeling as well as cable end preparation. A simple rotation and hand force is all it takes to remove the jacket.

Technical Features

The Blade, designed to lift off the insulation without damaging the aluminium strands. The compressed rubber between the strands is also removed in the stripping operation and leaves a clean conductor to be terminated or jointed. The angle of the blade allows the stripper to run along the conductor automatically while the tool is rotated.
Depth adjuster with scale allows the blade to rotate just above the conductor strands.
Locking knob for fixing the tool on the insulated conductor.
Rubber handle for good grip, spring loaded for easy mounting on the conductor.


Loosen the locking knob, open the jaws and place the Stripper over the conductor.
Let the spring-loaded jaws clamp the conductor and then lock with the knob.
Adjust the cutting dept with the depth adjusting knob; test a small piece first to make sure the insulation is lifted off without making any damage on the aluminium strands.
Continue the stripping by rotating the handles up the conductor in the direction of the arrow.
Finish the stripping by holding back the stripper whilst making the last turn, this should leave a neat end.
Loosen the locking knob and remove the stripper from
the conductor.

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