The S-50 is a one handed universal cutting tool with ratchet mechanism. It has a patented construction, with interchangeable cutting blades.

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Unlike conventional ratchet cutters which may need to be disassembled to replace the blades, the S-50 has blades separate to the ratchet mechanism. This allows for replacement of worn blades in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional cutters, and at a reduced cost. This also allows a variety of different blades to be used with the one tool, and easily exchanged.

Storage bag with pockets for spare blades (as shown below) available extra.

Range of Application Universal Segment S

Steel ropes 6–11mm according to structure
ACSR cable up to 17mm diameter according to structure
Al / Cu installation cable as well as sheated steel / armoured cable up to 300mm²
Cuts flexible cable with ease
Cuts armoured tubes

Range of Application Segment B

Steel ropes up to 11mm
ACSR cable up to 13mm
Al / Cu installation cable up to 185mm²

Range of Application Segment C

Al / Cu up to 350mm² and 50mm diameter
Less hand force required and better cutting for copper use than segment S


RCS/S50 230 x 100 x 46mm 1140g
RCP/S50B 63 x 45 x 6mm 63g
RCP/S50S 63 x 45 x 6mm 63g
RCP/S50C 63 x 45 x 6mm 63g
RCS/S50BAG 350 x 170 x 50mm 277g

S-50 Cutter, Type B Segment Blades, Type S Segment Blades, Type C Segment Blades, Cutter Storage Bag

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