The 33kHz General Purpose Sonde is a transmitter used to trace the direction of pipes.

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A 33kHz General Purpose Sonde is a small battery powered transmitter hermetically sealed in a robust torpedo shaped case which which can be screwed onto the end of a drain rod and fed into a pipe. The pipe direction can be then be traced using a Locator set to Generator/ Transmitter Mode. The location of a pipe blockage can be identified using this system with enormous cost saving potential.

Product Product Code Dimensions (mm) øxL
General Purpose Sonde (33kHz) CL/YIRS-33 39 x 121

Key Features:

  • Battery powered transmitter that issues a 33kHz signal output
  • M10 threaded stud
  • Small, torpedo-shaped and hermetically sealed
  • Robust and rugged plastic casing
  • Range of up to 7m dependent on locator
  • A cost effective and easy solution to locating blockages in non-metallic pipes
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