B102 Earth Leakage Clamp

Designed for measuring leak current diverted towards the earth. It enables the fault to be located or anticipated without disconnecting the equipment linked.

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Specially designed to detect low fault current on power circuits.

  • differential or leakage current, from 500 µA
  • currents up to 400 A max
  • 2 measurement ranges: 1 mV/mA or 1 mV/A
  • used on single or multi-phase systems, with phased or unphased currents and on balanced or unbalanced circuits
  • 110 mm jaw opening
  • measurement of fault currents on 3-wire 3-phase circuits without a neutral using an artificial neutral system

The only model in the B series, the B102 is designed to measure earth leakage currents caused by insulation faults.
It enables the fault to be located and diagnosed before failure occurs thus avoiding installation shutdown. It is designed specifically for locating low-current faults on
high current circuits.

The B102 measures differential or leakage current from 500 μA upwards and may be used to measure currents up to 400 A in continuous use (400 A max.). The B102 has two measurement ranges, 1 mV/mA or 1 mV/A. As a leakage current detector, the B102 can be used on single or multiphase systems whether the currents are in or out of phase, balanced or unbalanced.

The B02 may be used simply as a high-precision clamp-on current probe. With its 115 mm jaw opening and dynamic measurement range from 500 μA to 400 A, the B102 is a versatile instrument, highly useful in the analysis of unbalanced circuits, leakage currents and earth loop currents. When operated in conjunction with an artifi cial neutral, the B102 can also be used to measure fault currents on 3-phase circuits with no neutral.

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