The reference for earth, resistivity and coupling measurement. In its rugged and sealed case, C.A. 6460 is easy to use, designed specifically for operation in the field. Wherever it is necessary to install an earth connection or characterise an existing earth point, it contributes to establishing an accurate, fast and easy diagnosis under optimum conditions of comfort and safety.

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3 in 1 tester: resistivity, case earth, sildenafil coupling
Measurement range: 0.00 to 2000W
(3 automatic ratings)
Change from 4 wire method to 3 wire method thanks
to 1 removable captive bar between E – ES
3 fault presence indicators to validate measurement
Measurement frequency: 128Hz
Easy connection of stakes through identified colour terminals
Large digital display with 2000 backlit pts
Power supply: 8 x 1.5V batteries so that average controlled
self-sufficiency is constantly 4500 measurements of 15s
IP53 sealed case with folding cover and carrying handle
Electrical safety: IEC 61010 and IEC 61557
Dimensions: 273 x 247 x 127 mm
Weight: 2.8kg