Ritelite wins Specialist Supplier of the Year at the Speedy Expo Live 2024 Exhibition

The team had a fantastic time last week at the Speedy Expo Live exhibition in Liverpool. A great opportunity to catch up with customers, the highlight of the Expo for us was being presented with “Specialist Supplier of the Year” in the Speedy awards ceremony.

Ritelite has worked closely with Speedy for many years, especially with the rail division, and through our innovative collaborative relationship have developed a number of lighting products designed to solve real-world customer problems and the unique challenges posed by temporary rail lighting scenarios. This award celebrates this relationship which we look forward to further developing in the years to come.

By addressing the specific needs outlined by end-users, Ritelite ensures that its final product solutions not only boost efficiency and safety but also adhere to a zero-emission, low carbon footprint ethos. This proactive engagement with customers empowers Ritelite to engineer products that not only meet stringent industry standards but actively promote environmentally responsible practices in the sphere of temporary rail lighting, topics which were great to discuss at the exhibition with customers. Another highlight of the exhibition was meeting the legendary Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton who delivered a fantastic talk on mental strength and his career and sporting achievements.

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