Ritelite 35th

Ritelite celebrates 35 years of Lighting and Power solutions

This month Ritelite Systems is celebrating a successful 35 years in business.

Started in 1988 by the owner and Managing Director Marcus Batty, Ritelite has always stayed at the forefront of technological change developing portable and mobile lighting and power solutions for many different applications with all core products designed and built in the UK.

From Halogen lighting in the 1980s to today’s high-powered, highly efficient LED lighting products, Ritelite’s lighting range has always focused on providing products designed specifically to solve the challenges of remote area mobile working; primarily using battery power.

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Using a finite source of energy has challenged our engineers from day one with a focus on achieving the highest possible illumination performance, for the widest range of work applications with the highest possible power efficiency.

Decades later being green, power efficient and environmentally friendly have rightly become important factors in the design of all kinds of products – values which are strong across the Ritelite range of products through not just lighting but our portable battery generators and our bespoke power and battery charging solutions. It’s part of our design DNA, part of our ongoing vision and what makes Ritelite products so unique for all mobile lighting and power applications.


Ritelite Systems have been designing and manufacturing lighting solutions for 35 years. During this time there have been changes, better described as leaps, in technology and materials. Wet Cell batteries are now currently Lithium Ion Power Packs, this represents around a 500% increase in energy density. Incandescent lamps have become solid state LED chips with around a 1500% increase in performance. At Ritelite we have embraced and celebrated these changes as it has allowed us to follow our design philosophies of providing the best possible solutions for our customers.

Marcus Batty

Managing Director of Ritelite Systems Ltd

Ritelite’s lighting range has developed over the years with continued innovation and R&D focus.

Early Ritelite product ranges used compact fluorescent, gas discharge and even halogen technology which were powered by sealed lead acid batteries and for the larger products petrol or diesel generators.

Ritelite - Old Version
Ritelite - Old Version
Ritelite - Old Version
Ritelite - Old Version
Ritelite - Old Version

Ritelite’s Portable and Mobile Lighting solutions have developed at a fast pace in recent years as LED technology has improved to generate significant amounts of light from relatively low power requirements. The range now includes many different models of portable and mobile LED products including portable LED work lights, Portable area floodlights, linear lighting and large area mobile tower lights. Products are now powered primarily by lithium batteries either within the product or via our RITE-POWER Battery Generators.

QP K45 Range
K45-LITE SportsLITE Range
K8 K9 Range
K10 Prolink Range
RitePower Range

To find out more about Ritelite’s lighting design ethos and unique Beam Control concept please click here.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accredited for over 12 years the Ritelite brand is associated with Innovation, Quality, and Reliability. Ritelite products are designed to last for many years despite the harsh working conditions that many of them end up being used in.

As we look forward to the next 35 years of trading we celebrate our fantastic teams throughout the business, our trusted and reliable suppliers, and our brilliant customers who keep us continually interested and engaged in designing the next great product range to add to the Ritelite portfolio.

Ritelite 35th
Ritelite 35th
Ritelite 35th