Ratchet Cable Cutters

Ratchet Cable Cutters

Ritelite stocks a wide range of ratchet cable cutters designed to take the strain out of repetitive cutting of cables using manual tools. Ritelite can offer hand held manual and rechargeable battery powered tools suitable for cutting many multicore power cables – copper, aluminium and steel wire armoured cables. This range of tools offers a more economical option to using hydraulic cable cutters and are an essential part of a linesman’s tool box.

Ritelite can service, repair and provide spares for all ratchet cable cutters. Please contact our sales team on 01780 758585 or GET A QUICK QUOTE here.


Moveable Blades
Can cut a range of cross sectional areas of cable.


Unique Blade Profiles
Unique blade profiles ensure there is no distortion of the cable


Fast Clean Cut
High Quality Steel Ratchet Mechanism


Servicing, Spares and Repairs
Servicing, spares and repairs available from Ritelite

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