RITE-POWER 5250 Portable Battery Powered Generator

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The RITE-POWER 5250 model of portable battery powered generator supplies 5250WH of energy at 2500W continuous power to use with lights, tools and other construction or site equipment. It’s robust construction enables it to be used in almost any location where portable power is required. Zero emissions and safe operation support its use in many applications indoor and outdoor.


Made in Great Britain

Key Features & Benefits of the RITE-POWER 5250

Rite-Power 7000 on grassProvide Power wherever it is needed
Ultra flexible supply of power for any remote location.
Rite-Power 230V output socketReliable pure sine-wave inverter energy
Power any compatible equipment including tools, lights and electronics
Rugged, Strong construction. Waterproof IP44
Suitable for use outdoors & on construction sites
Rite-Power battery generators on trolleysHighly Portable
Can be easily moved with optional trolley
Rite-Power 2 person liftMultiple person lift
Fitted with four handles to move the unit with ease in and out of vehicles
Rite-Power 5250-7000 displayMulti-Function display
Easily view charge status, battery capacity, estimated run or recharge time
Rite-Power 7000WH Battery GeneratorVirtually silent operation
Excellent for use in noise sensitive areas
Rite-Power Trip SwitchProtection from overload, over-heating and over-discharge
Reliable & safe to use. Easy to reset
Rite-Power unit top detailsRechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries
Cheap to run – no fuel needed. Long life.

Bespoke configurations available on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Model 5250
Product Code RP5250
Max Continuous Power (depending on type of load) 2500W
Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge Yes – Note if the discharge power exceeds that of the charger output then the battery will be eventually depleted. At this point the output will be switched off and the battery will continue to recharge. The output can only be switched back on once the charge level in the battery has risen a few percent. It is advisable to keep the discharge power less than the maximum output of the charger type connected. The battery status display will indicate the amount of energy flowing in to or out of the battery system.
Weight 57Kg
Exterior Dimensions L x W x H 68 x 68 x 34cm (Overall size excluding sockets)
Max Operating  temperature range -20°C to 65°C
Recommended charging temperature range 0°C to 45°C
Socket options available CEE 16A inlet and outlet, others available on request.
Push button activation Yes
IP rating IP44 – subject to plug/socket type fitted
Battery Details
Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion
Capacity 5250 watt/hours
Expected Charge Cycles 500-1000
Protection RCBO 30ma. Overload/Short Circuit/Under & Over Temperature
Recharge Times (approx from fully discharged) See below
Integrated charger Optional
SLK350CH charger 18 hours
SLK750CH charger 9 hours
SLK1000CH charger 7 hours
VEPAC Vehicle charger 22.5 hours
Specification options available Automatic mains failure (AMF) function including integrated SLK750CH charger, Solar Charge Controllers
AC output voltage 110V (60Hz) or 230V (50Hz)
Cooling Fan assisted cooling

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