LiFePO4 Pro-Active 300 (25.6V 10A 300W)

A robust and reliable battery charger for lithium phosphate batteries, the Pro-Active 300 (25.6V 10A 300W) is compact, quiet and IP20 rated.

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A robust and reliable battery charger for lithium phosphate batteries, the Pro-Active 300 (25.6V 10A 300W) uses passive cooling technology built with an extruded aluminium profile. Rated IP20.

1. Phase (Pulsing) 2. Phase (CC1) 3. Phase (CC2) 4. Phase (CV) Auto Restart
Auto Wake-up Soft-start Constant Current Constant Voltage At a pre-set number of days or voltage level
Charge Voltage max. Nominal Voltage ~70% Nominal Voltage Nominal Voltage Nominal Voltage
Charge Current max. 50% |max 50% |max |max |max
Charge Current min. 25% |max 25% |max 50% |max 10% |max
Trigger Criterion for next Phase E.g 3.0V/cell (10 cycles) E.g Ubat ≥ 2.5V/cell / timer 4h E.g. Ubat ≥ Umax / timer 20h E.g. Ib < Imin / timer 8h

Main Features Include:

  • Highly efficient >87% @230V
  • Output 12V 10A 150W
  • Ripple <1%
  • Back Current <1mA
  • Input voltage 180-240V 50/60Hz
  • Operating temperature of -30°C to +40°C
  • Protection class 1
  • Rated IP20
  • Load dependent cooling fan
  • Microprocessor based 4 step charging technology with soft start and automatic re-start of the charge cycle
  • LED indicators showing corresponding charge status and errors indicator
  • Country specific power cord & plug
  • Battery ‘wake up’ function by sending out programmed ‘wake up’ pulses
  • Protection against short circuit, reverse polarity, over temperature or overload
  • Optimal and gentle charging for the greatest possibility of charge cycles guaranteed with high frequent combinatorial circuit technology

Optional Features Include:

Customer specific output and input connectors can be supplied and fitted, please contact our Exegon sales team today on 01225 791805 with your requirements.


Output Dimensions L X W X H (mm) Weight (kg)
25.6V 10A 180 x 110 x 42 0.8
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