Cobra Rodding Spares and Repair

Ritelite offer a choice of 8 repair kits to fix damaged Cobra rod. These cover rod diameters from 4.5mm up to 11mm. There is a choice of repair splice to fix rod which is split or kinked, or replacement rod end kits available.
We also offer a comprehensive range of general spares for all frames – Midco, Medco, Maxco and Maxco high capacity. These include a good selection of rod end fittings, repair splices, replacement rod at any length and diameter, and spare parts for all frame types.

Cobra Rodding Spare Kits

Cobra Rodding Repair Kits

Other Cobra Rodding Spares

Stainless Steel Shackle for Medicobra and Maxicobra

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Optional Female Sonde Adaptor for Medicobra and Maxicobra

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