Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers for Ritelite Rechargeable Work Lights

We offer a wide range of battery chargers which are suitable for charging our rechargeable portable work lights. They offer a reliable yet cost effective solution to your charging requirements. All our chargers are CE approved and are available with a UK plug as standard however can be supplied with connectors for other countries (dependent on country). We can also supply in a variety of input voltages. Ritelite chargers have built in safety features which make them easy to use and operator friendly.

K-Lite Battery Chargers

What type of battery does my work light have?

The easiest way to identify which kind of battery is in your work light is to check the product labels. On Lithium K9 and K10’s you will see the text ‘Lithium Technology‘ on the head and serial labels. Also Lithium powered units should have /L2 on the end of the product code on the serial label. SLA powered unit’s don’t have this text.

Lithium powered K9 and K10’s have VEPAC chargers built into the units as standard. You will see the grey VEPAC label on the grey base, below the base of the pole. On SLA units the VEPAC is an optional extra so some SLA units will have VEPAC’s fitted too. For all VEPAC options please select VEPAC EQUIPPED K9 / K10 tab below.

Which charger do I need for my work light?

Select the product you need a charger for from the tabs below.


For K9 and K10 lead acid (SLA) units the following range of chargers is available.

For standard charging

For faster charging

For faster charging of multiple units

For charging work lights from vehicles


For K9 and K10 lead acid (SLA) or lithium units that are fitted with a VEPAC 10-30V DC charger option the following range of chargers is available. For SLA K9 and K10 units standard SLA chargers may also be used.


The K8 is supplied with a vehicle charging dock which simply plugs into the 12V power socket in any vehicle. If you’d like to charge from the mains then the Vepac adaptor below is exactly what you need.

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