Rod Guiding Eye Complete MAXI

Rod guiding eye complete. For 9mm and larger Cobra frames.

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Benefits of the Ritelite Rod Guiding Eye Complete for larger cobra frames

Warn - Guiding Eye

Are you are seeing this?

You are damaging the rod by running it against the steel eye.

You will get Fibre Glass into the Air and Hands of your operators.

Polo Guiding Eye

Use the full plastic Polo Guide Eye

Polo Rod Guide Eye

From 2018 Ritelite have fitted the new Polo Rod Guide Eye.

The new Cobra ‘Polo’ guide eye is designed to improve performance over the previous insert system as follows;

  • Increased longevity
  • Quicker to replace in the field
  • End of life ‘Safe’

Quicker to fit polo

The insert system required a press, vice or risked hammering the insert into place damaging the insert or worse. No special tools are required to fit polo.

Polo Guiding Eye - Distance 60
Polo Guiding Eye - Distance 160
Last longer in use

The Polo in made on the same material as the insert however;

  • The wall thickness on the insert is 6mm
  • The wall thickness on the Polo is 16mm
  • This will give a 166% increase in wear life

Safe end on life

The older insert system allowed the user to carry on using the rod when the insert had been fully used up. This would allow the rod to wear against the steel insert holder. This would remove the coating from the rod and require a new rod to be fitted to repair.

Easier to monitor

The flat surface of the ‘Polo’ makes it easier to see the waer of the material compared to the insert housed within the holder.

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