PROLINK Safety Shift LED Linkable Track Light

The PROLINK Safety Shift is designed to work as a compliment to the standard PROLINK Light or as a stand alone lighting solution.


The PROLINK Safety Shift LED Linkable Track Light is a unique battery powered linkable LED track light that can be used as a safety back up emergency light. Designed to work for up to 13 hours to last a full shift on one charge this light has multiple applications in a rail or perimeter lighting application. The PROLINK Safety Shift Light can work in conjunction with standard PROLINK light’s or as a standalone lighting solution.

Key Features

  • Advanced beam controlled optics for optimised light spread. Minimal light spill / pollution
  • Built-in battery gives 13 hours duration when not connected to 110V supply for use without cables if required
  • Battery is automatically recharged when connected to 110V supply using built-in charger
  • Can be used as emergency light in conjunction with 110V mains use
  • Battery level indicator
  • Configurable to single or twin mounting
  • Magnet mounting / Pole / Fence mounting options
  • 13 Hour Shift Autonomy
  • 110V connections for generator or battery recharge.
  • 15W Power consumption.
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Can be used as an emergency light in conjunction with 110V mains use.
  • No Cables
  • No Fuel
  • No Noise
  • No Generator
  • 100% performance to Cable Powered Light
  • Green
  • Quiet
  • Automatic charge and Mains Fail Backup
  • Visual display of charge and capacity Status
  • Compatible with all Link Lighting Systems
Prolink Safty
Prolink Safty
Prolink Safty
Prolink Safty

Modes of Use

Mode 1 Stand Alone Mode

  • Simply charge the light by plugging into a 110V supply
  • Light will charge and charge indication will show full
  • Take to site and deploy as required. No cables required.
  • Light will now run for 13hrs with (battery level display indication)

Mode 2 Emergency Backup Mode

  • Deploy the unit as part of a standard light deployment
  • Plug the light into the 110V LED string in the normal way
  • The light will now run (and charge) from the available 110V supply
  • If the main supply falters the Shift Light will continue to run at full power for up to 13hrs
  • Restore the mains power and the light will remain running an recharge
Prolink Safty - Incorporated
Prolink Safty
Prolink - On/Off
ImageProduct CodeNameQuote
LLM3MAluminium Extending Mast


LLBBBallast Base for Pole Mounting


LLGSGround Spike for Mast




PLL30LB-SHA-MAGRugged Magnetic Mount Fence Mountable Bracket


PLL30LB-DHA-MAGRugged Magnetic Mount Fence Mountable Bracket - Twin


PLL30LB-DHATwin Light Head Adapter C


Ritelite PLL15LB-EM Specification
Light Source Beam Control LED module
Power 15W
Light Output 6400K daylight white
Beam Angle Hybrid Beam Control and 25 Degree projection
Longevity 50,000 hours
Input 90-305V AC 50/60Hz >0.98 power factor (multiple plug options available)
Operating Temperature Range -20ºC to +40ºC
Construction Powder coated aluminium / steel
Cable Heavy duty cable, daisy chain in / out
IP Class IP65 (Electrical connector dependant)

Pro-Link Safety Shift Data Sheet

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