Ritelite’s standard 1.2m sectional insulated operating rods are constructed from top quality fibreglass reinforced epoxy resin to industry standards.

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Insulated Operating Rods

Ritelite’s Operating Rods / Poles are available as standard at 1.2m (4ft) lengths for use with Portable Earthing Equipment for temporary earthing in substations, transmission lines and overhead distribition lines.

A range of top section operating rods are available which can fit any commercially available operating head, socket or accessory which are secured by plungers, split pins or rivets.

A number of intermediate sections can be fitted together to make the desired length pole for the job in hand and all rods can be stored easily in a Ritelite operating bag available as an accessory. Plugs and bungs can be supplied to prevent moisture or dirt entering the bottom of the pole.

Ritelite’s operating rods are lightweight yet precision machined to ensure there is minimal flex when the rods are assembled together. They are manufactured to ESI 41-21, ESI 43-81 and TPS 1/113.

ST/47/1200TR 1.2m top rod section
ST/47/1200TRF 1.2m top rod section (foam filled)
ST/47/1200TRPC 1.2m top rod section (pin & chain)
ST/47/1200IR 1.2m middle rod section
ST/47/1200BR 1.2m bottom rod section
ST/47/1200BRRS 1.2m bottom rod section (with rain shield)

We also offer a compact range of operating rods. These are ideal when a set needs to be carried in a car boot or small van.

ST/47/1000TR 1m top rod section
ST/47/1000IR 1m middle rod section
ST/47/1000BR 1m bottom rod section

1.2m top rod section, 1.2m top rod section (foam filled), 1.2m top rod section (pin & chain), 1.2m middle rod section, 1.2m bottom rod section, 1.2m bottom rod section (c/w rain shield), Compact 1m top rod section, Compact 1m middle rod section, Compact 1m bottom rod section

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