The AmpFLEX A100 series includes 9 models of flexible sensors that can be connected directly to all types of multimeter, wattmeter or recorder…

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These flexible cores offer major advantages:

Flexible clamping of any conductor to be measured (cable, health bar, generic core, prostate etc.)
Clamping of several cables or bars thanks to the length of the core (up to 1.20 m standard)
Extensive measuring range from 0.5A to 10kA~
Bandwidth suitable for industrial frequencies and the analysis of harmonics
Light, due to the absence of a magnetic circuit
Absence of saturation effect and therefore overheating
Constant and low dephasing suitable for wattmeter measurements
The 9 standard models in the AmpFLEX A100 range are outstanding due to:

Their length – 45, 80cm, or 1.20m
Their measurement range from 0.5A to 10kA, single or multiple calibres (20-200-300-1k-2k-3k-10kA)
Their output/input ratio 0.1mV – 1mV – 10mV or 100mV~/A~.
Electrical safety in compliance with IEC 610