K8 Batteries & Battery Chargers

Replacement batteries are available for all models of K8 portable work light including lead acid and all lithium models. A range of battery chargers are also available to charge either single or multiple units at one time. Vehicle charging options also available for some models

K8 Batteries & Battery Chargers
Ritelite K8 LED Vehicle Charging Dock

K8 Docking Charge Rack

Additional K8 LED docking charge racks are available so you have the versatility of one in a vehicle and one in the work place, for example when connecting to the mains adaptor.

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K8 mains adaptor

Mains K8 Adaptor

This mains Vepac adaptor will allow all K8 Ritelite portable work light models to be charged from any mains power outlet. Available with a choice of mains input connectors to suit multiple countries.    

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