The F09 is a new pocket-size, all-purpose, small-diameter clamp, operated with one hand.

Ideal for U1000RO2V-1X185 2 and H07RNF-1×70 cables2 or 20mmx5mm bars, it is a professional measurement tool (600V Cat.III). Fully automatic, TRMS AC+DC, the F09 is a must for all your measurements.

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Clamping: ø26mm
AC and DC intensity: 0.20 to 40/400A (600A peak)
AC and DC voltage: 0.20 to 40/400/600V (900V peak)
Phase rotation (2-wire)
Inrush current
Power (single & three phased): 5W to 240kW; 5 to 240kvar; 5 to 240kVA
Power factor
Hz frequency
Auto AC/DC – Hold
Resistance: 0 to 40k?
Continuity / buzzer
Diode test
Range overrun buzzer
Battery charge level
Automatic stop
Dangerous voltage signal
Dimensions: 70 x 193 x 37mm
Weight: 260g