2000A AC with its unique 100mm jaw opening, the Seaward Type L Plus large jaw clamp meter is designed for the measurement of current in large diameter conductors and fuses. With the ability to operate in the most difficult circumstances the instrument is capable of use on porcelain fuse carriers in distribution systems.


The instrument is lightweight and incorporates high levels of insulation for maximum safety and protection, purchase together with the facility to provide complete linearity of measurement between 0 and 2000A featuring 3.5” digit LCD and controlled using two main operating buttons. Incorporating both a TRACK facility providing a continuous read out and STORE facility to monitor peak levels, troche it is ideally suited to monitoring maximum demand in electrical distribution networks.

Technical Specification

Display: 3.5” digit LCD 12.0mm high characters
Measurement Rang:e 0 – 2000amps
Voltage: 50 – 600 volts AC 50Hz
Internal Jaw Dimensions: 100mm x 140mm
Operating Temp. Range: 0 -+40°C
Storage: -20 – + 50°C
Battery: 9 Volt PP3 IEC number 6LF22.
Accuracy: 3% of full scale on all ranges for a conductor positioned at the centre of the jaws.