PROLINK linear lighting utilises the latest compact LED design to give reliable 35,000 hr average life linkable lighting solutions. The PROLINK is a very versatile rail light which can be used for other applications too. Units can be run in series to give 80 units running off one 2.7KW generator. Typically the PROLINK LED flood light uses only 33% of the power needed for equivalent fluorescent lighting. The PROLINK LED flood lights are fully retrofittable to existing equipment including Cables / Mast / Bases / Generators.



PROLINK LED Linkable Floodlights

The PROLINK LED Linear Linkable Floodlight solution is a fantastic solution for many applications on railways, construction sites, and anywhere where walkway or emergency backup lighting is required. Offering 3200 lumens per 30W light head the PROLINK solution gives ultra bright, instant light for any application. The PROLINK is robust, shatterproof, and designed to cope with the harsh working environment of a construction or rail environment. Retrofittable with masts, bases and cables of existing systems the PROLINK floodlights use 66% less power than fluorescent options meaning less fuel and generators are required to run the upgraded system.

PROLINK Floodlights Durability Demostration

To test the durability of our PROLINK Lights we drove a Landrover Discover (weighing approximately 2.5 tonnes) over a unit while it was powered on.

High Efficiency LED Light Heads

  • 3,200 Lumens per light head
  • 80-277V input AC 50-60Hz
  • 5800K cool white
  • In excess of 50 can be run from one compact generator
  • The PROLINK only requires 33% power of an equivalent fluorescent light
  • Adjustable light output angle
  • Optimised “Letter Box” beam angle for linear work space
  • Power factor of 0.97 – good electrical efficiency