Insulation stripper for 11/20kv EPR or XLPE insulation on medium/high-voltage copper or aluminium single core cables.

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Specially engineered for professional stripping of EPR or XLPE insulation on medium/high-voltage copper or aluminium single core cables. Suitable for cross sections from 25 to 300mm.

  • The tool comprises of a T-handle (with a built-in length adjustment mechanism), various interchangeable stripping inserts for different voltages and cross sections (see table below)
  • The connection between the T-handle and the stripping insert is by means of a bayonet cap, therefore without need of additional tooling
  • The tool is designed for single handed operation and allows simple and accurate stripping of cables
  • The stripping length can be adjusted in 2mm steps from 20 to 100mm by means of the screw housed in the handle. The chosen stripping length is visible on a scale in the body of the handle
  • Each stripping insert contains a cutting blade designed and positioned to strip easily and precisely the EPR or XLPE and the semi-conductive layer in contact with the core. The insulation is removed without damaging the core
  • Once the stripping operation is complete, the surface is uniform, and the length cut away is corresponding to the chosen stripping length on the scale previously set (tolerance+/- 2mm)
  • The minimum blade hardness is 50HRc
  • The stripping operation can also be carried out at low temperature (-10ºC)
  • The blade is replaceable by means of a screwdriver
GT/125200 T-handle with adjustable stripping length 220
GT/130095 Stripping insert 20kV/95mm² 80
GT/130185 Stripping insert 20kV/185mm² 80
GT/130030 Stripping insert 11kV/300mm² 80
GT/130070 Stripping insert 20kV/70mm² 80
GT/130009 Stripping insert 11kV/95mm² 80
GT/130120 Stripping insert 20kV/120mm² 80
GT/130150 Stripping insert 20kV/150mm² 80
GT/130018 Stripping insert 11kV/185mm² 80
GT/130240 Stripping insert 20kV/240mm² 80
GT/130000 Replacement blade for stripping insert 10

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T-handle, Stripping insert 20kV/95mm², Stripping insert 20kV/185mm², Stripping insert 11kV/300mm², Stripping insert 20kV/70mm², Stripping insert 11kV/95mm², Stripping insert 20kV/120mm², Stripping insert 20kV/150mm², Stripping insert 11kV/185mm², Stripping insert 20kV/240mm², Replacement blade for stripping insert

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