Digiflex Com is a compact high performance instrument designed for the location of faults on copper cables. Its capabilities are marked out particularly by the short range resolution (down to 2.5 cm) and the long range of 30 km. Ease of use and the incorporation of the latest technology enable even inexperienced users to achieve quick and precise locations with the Digiflex Com. For the expert a multitude of more advanced features is available.

The proven method of pulse reflection is employed whereby a string of suitable pulses is sent down the cable which are wholly or partially reflected back from the fault. The size and shape of these indicate the type of fault.


High resolution of location down to 2.5 cm on a 50 m range
Ease of operation through use of menu and help functions
Adjustable range dependent amplitude correction
Clear evaluation of the trace through simultaneous display of zoom and full screen (split-screen)
Large area LC-Display can be backlit
Single, continuous and average test modes
Electrical strength of test inputs (250 V)
Built in memory capacity for 50 traces
Serial connection to printer and PC
Records from PC can be uploaded to the instrument memory using Database software (Winkis)
Robust, shower proof housing for rough field use

Scope of Delivery

Digiflex Com
Soft carry case for instrument and accessories
2 sets of test leads
1 Accumulator 7.2 V / 1.7 Ah NiMH