Full Cycle Hand Held Ratchet Tool

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One hand, there full cycle ratchet tool for Cu, Al, and ACSR
Great for use in tight spaces where other tools can’t fit
#8 – 4/0 Al and #8 – 250 Cu terminals and splices on code conductor
W28K cutter die permits use of tool as a cable cutter
Uses reduced force “X” dies and select “W” dies. Many “W” dies are too wide to successfully crimp at 3kN. Do extra crimps with narrower “X” dies.
Proper crimps are assured with full cycle ratchet mechanism
UL Listed connections when colour coded dies are used to install recommended BURNDY® terminals and splices
5-year limited warranty

Weight: 1.62Kg
Length: 330mm
Max. Crimp Force: 3kN
Max. Handle Force: 3.6Kg
Conductor Range: #8-4/0 AWG AI, #8-250 kcmil Cu