Industrial Portable Battery Powered Generators

Ritelite’s range of Industrial Portable Battery Powered Generators provides reliable, efficient portable power whenever and wherever it is needed, outside and inside. Designed to run both Ritelite’s lighting range and other equipment the battery powered generators are waterproof, compact and easy to use.

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The Ritelite Industrial Battery Powered Generator Range

Key Features & Benefits of the Ritelite Battery Powered Generator Range

Provide Power wherever it is needed

Ultra flexible supply of power for any remote location. No cables. Independent power.

Reliable pure sine-wave inverter energy

Power any equipment including tools and electronics

SLK1770BP rugged and strong
Rugged, Strong construction. Waterproof IP65

Suitable for use outdoors & on construction sites

SLK1770BP protection from overload
SLK310BP2 battery

Rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with protection from overload, short circuits, over heating and over discharge

  • Reliable & safe to use. RCBO Protected output
  • Easy to reset. Long battery life.
  • Cheap to run – no fuel needed. 
  • Fully tested & certificated battery systems to UN38.3. 
  • High performance – with options up to 2500 watts of permanent power the RITE-POWER Portable Battery Powered Generators operate continuously with no losses of performance
Highly Portable

Fitted with wheels and 3 lifting handles. Extending handle for easy manoeuvring

Compact & Light Weight

One person lift. Will fit in any vehicle

SLK1770BP can be used outdoors
Silent operation, Zero emissions

Clean energy. Can be used indoors. No heat produced

Which Ritelite Battery Powered Generator do you need?

Battery Chargers for Battery Powered Generators

Two different chargers are available, specifically designed to charge the Ritelite battery powered generators. Both chargers work with all our battery powered generators (other than the SLK310BP2 which has it's own in-built charger).


350W Battery Charger

Recharge in x hours
(Based on charging the SLK1770BP)


750W Battery Charger

Recharge in x hours
(Based on charging the SLK1770BP)

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