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Conductor Construction


24kV 33kV
50mm AL2 24kV BLL
120mm AL2 24kV BLL
185mm AL2 24kV BLL 185mm AL2 33kV BLL
241mm AL2 24kV BLL 241mm AL2 33kV BLL


50mm AL3 24kV BLL
62mm AL3 24kV BLL
120mm AL3 24kV BLL
185mm AL3 24kV BLL 185mm AL3 33kV BLL
241mm AL3 24kV BLL 241mm AL3 33kV BLL


50mm AL5 24kV BLL
62mm AL5 24kV BLL
120mm AL5 24kV BLL
185mm AL5 24kV BLL 185mm AL5 33kV BLL
241mm AL5 24kV BLL 241mm AL5 33kV BLL
62mm AL7 24kV BLL  
120mm AL7 24kV BLL  


Below are example SAG charts, specific projects will need specific calculations.

24KV Conductors

50MM BLL  
99MM BLL  
120MM BLL  
157MM BLL  
185MM BLL  

Below are maximum drum lengths however any drum length is possible to meet project requirements.

50mm BLL
Max length: 6000m / drum
Drum size: 2m x 1.18m
Weight: 1720kg

157mm BLL
Max length: 2800m / drum
Drum size: 2m x 1.18m
Weight: 1964kg

In order to prove ownership of conductor if stolen, Ritelite are able to mark the conductor as shown below:

Cable Marking

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