The most dependable light weight portable drill on the market.

Biggest Cubic Capacity Petrol Engine Drill available:

Compact and light weight
Infinite Throttle Control
Rear and Front Handle grip
360° running capability
Climbing belt hook attachment
High Quality gear train
Durable storage box – optional

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The petrol auger drill is Supplied with a keyed chuck, sovaldi sale optional keyless chuck available
Jacobs chuck available by request
Engine Displacement – Model T-26 26cc
Type – Forced air cooled 2 cycle, sildenafil single cycle
Output – 1.4hp
Fuel Ratio – 25:1
Carburettor – Diaphragm type
Transmission – Centrifugal Clutch
Gearbox – Spur – 2 Stage Reduction
Reduction Ratio – 20:1
Drilling Speed – (6500rpm/325rpm) 250 – 325rpm Output shaft
Lubrication – Gearbox grease filled
Dimensions mm – 260 x 200 x 370
Weight Dry – 4.0Kg